How do we make things meaningful? How do we make meaning? I engage in digital humanities work with historical data to explore these questions from the perspective of a public historian.

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Contact me at cynthia.f.heider [at] gmail [dot com]

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I believe in collaboration, empathy, sincerity, and tenacity. These values inform everything I do.

I grew up in the Rust Belt, but I now live in Philadelphia. I’m a public historian by training with particular interests in urban history, the Progressive Era, and digital humanities.

I wrote my master’s thesis on data, discourse, and the development of community-centered museum practice and public history within the American settlement house movement. It is open access and available at the following link.
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American Philosophical Society Library & Museum
Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA

Digital Projects Specialist

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Temple University Department of History
Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA

Adjunct Professor, Digital History

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|| My Skillsets

Data creation
Data cleaning/wrangling
Data structuring & organization
Data analysis & visualization

Metadata creation
Metadata restructuring & remediation
Metadata mapping & transformation

Web Content Creation & Promotion
Web Graphic Design & Wireframing
Web Front-End Development

Project management

Digital pedagogy

Historical research, writing, and interpretation