New Year! New Site! Same Old Cynthia


Hi folks! Boy, 2017 was a humdinger, huh? You may notice that this site looks and behaves a little differently than before- and that my blog now has a name, Mudlarking (here’s the backstory). I’m still fussing with it a little, but it’s nice to start out the new year with a tabula rasa, so to speak.

I suppose a quick summary of 2017 is in store. Here’s the highlights reel:

Things I did that I wrote about…

My blogging stats…

  • I wrote a whopping 36 blog entries
  • That adds up to 23,633 words (or about 95 standard-size pages)
  • Which makes for an average of 1,969 words per month (or about 8 standard-size pages)

Wow, no wonder I’m so tired! Anyway, as ever, thanks to the people who made my year better in myriad ways, who challenged me and comforted me and had my back on numerous occasions. You know who you are. Bring on 2018.